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Chef Jon has been a leading Cannabis chef throughout the United States.  After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Jon began his career as a Cannabis chef in Santa Barbara, California while being a chef for The Four Seasons.  Jon became close with one of his mentors at The Four Seasons and was invited to work alongside him to create fine dining cannabis cuisine.  After 2 years of learning the chemistry behind THC and Cannabis,  Jon took his skills to Florida and worked as a Corporate chef at Disney World while offering Cannabis dinners as a side hustle.  There, Jon worked on the best way to teach customers the benefits of edibles and how they can be used in everyday life.  Jon perfected his 5 course system to be able to provide a personalized experience for each guest.  Jon moved to NYC 2 weeks before lockdowns began and after having been furloughed that week committed himself to providing fine dining dinners delivered to your door in downtown Manhattan.  Once cannabis became legal in NYC Jon opened up his business to also provide private cannabis dinners with an emphasis on educating customers on the health benefits of consuming cannabis through food.  


Jon's passion for food and experience with cannabis has lead him into a niche that doesn't exist in the cannabis world.  Jon is disappointed in the amount of sweet and unhealthy edibles that are out on the market these days and wants to teach people how turning regular meals into your edibles.  The health benefits of cannabis are obvious but not researched very well.  Jon loves the notion of being a pioneer and advocate in the cannabis industry.  After events Jon is always more then happy to sit with his guests light up a Jay, drink a glass of wine, and answer any questions his guests have about cannabis.  

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